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Importance of polishing head to stone equipment

Stone equipment plays a vital role in stone mining and stone processing, Granite polishing head, and polishing head to stone equipment is the most important part.

The demand for stone, the current decoration, maintenance and development of stone is becoming more and more sophisticated, and people are beginning to pay more attention to the factors that affect the quality of stone. The influence of stone equipment is not only important for stone maintenance.

The first is mining. Some places still use the “eye discharge” method to produce waste. This not only leads to inefficiency but also causes great damage to resources. The size of the waste material is not standardize, although it is easy to create cracks and turn into waste. This greatly reduces the material rate.

Granite polishing head, Marble polishing head

In recent years, with the rapid development of the stone industry, the domestic stone machinery and equipment has made great progress. Marble polishing machine can be use for grinding, polishing and leveling tasks. The main products of Foshan Shuyue include: granite polishing head, marble polishing head. The transmission parts are make of high quality steel, sturdy and durable, high efficiency, scientific and reasonable internal structure, smooth and powerful grinding head polishing. It is suitable for: large slabs, thin slabs, polished tiles, glazed tiles, granite and quartz stones, and other products.

Features of marble polishing machine.

  1. Classic fixed high speed and low speed (no frequency conversion), high torque for fine and coarse grinding, stable grinding force.
  2. Two sizes of interchangeable, flexible grinding discs of sufficient weight (with sufficient pressure on the discs) for various construction processes of stone and flooring.
  3. The front handle is removable and flexible, suitable for large area polishing and grinding. For zero distance grinding or polishing, the abrasive disc can be use to touch the edge of the foot.
  4. Can be use for epoxy flooring, cement flooring, epoxy terrazzo, epoxy gravel flooring.
  5. Stable variable speed device. The front of the machine is equipped with a gear drive gear box. Which can be connect to high speed gear. And low speed gear in order to increase the motor power to 100%. At low speed, the torque of the rotating shaft can be greatly increased. The polishing process must increase the efficiency of grinding and lapping.

If you are still using the old-fashioned “eye and gun” method for the production of waste material . not only is it inefficient, but it also causes great damage to the mine resources, resulting in irregularities in the size of the waste material, as well as being prone to cracks and waste, which greatly reduces the material rate. We suggest you to use the new generation of stone equipment. Contact us for the best stone machinery and engineering machinery.

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